Friday, October 7, 2011

Sex Tourism in the Philippines

or Why the US Ambassador is our best Tourism Salesman

Sex Tourism in the Philippines
Manila Nightlife - could there be tourist sex in this Bar?
So 40% of tourists coming to the Philippines are here for the sex, or so US Ambassador to the Philippines Henry Thomas announced a few weeks back. He might be right. And if he is, shouldn't we be changing the cancelled slogan from Pilipinas Kay Ganda or Pilipina (or Pilipino - whatever you might prefer), Kay Ganda at Katakamtakam. That would probably bring the tourists barging in.

I did not want to initially write this as I found the topic to be trivial and maybe partly true. C'mon - it is a known fact that along the strips of Quezon Ave., Roxas Blvd and the seedier parts of Quiapo that the flesh trade does occur.  You name it.  Spa-kol, 3 wishes, Happy Endings.  You are a liar if you have not heard these terms before. I am sure the good Ambassador knows the terms.

Why, most of our "acclaimed and artsy" films keep on harping on the fact that there is so much sex and happening. Rosanna Roces wouldn't have been big in the film industry during the late 90's if she didn't do Curacha (even set in the People Power Revolution period - our nation's contribution to world history) or Ligaya ang Itawag mo Sa Akin. Or Brillante Mendoza not getting his Cannes trophy if he didn't first helm Masahista.  So why be surprised?

I think I should interview my American GM (as well as the US executives who come here from time-to-time) in the office I work with and ask him if he did go to the Philippines for the sex (and to supervise us, of course).  And if they do, report to the US Embassy their special activities.

So probably our next Tourism slogan should be, "Cum in the Philippines". I am sure Amb. Thomas would love that.

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